Some members of all souls have been Unitarian Universalists since childhood, many others have come to our church after having been raised in other faith communities. The many stories we have to tell, remind all of us that our tradition follows no creed and welcomes those who seek their own answers. If you would like to add your story, please send it care of .

I have been coming to All Souls Church since good friends chose to hold their Civil Union here. It was soon after Civil Unions had become legal in Vermont. A joyous celebration, those present included the entire fourth grade class taught by one of the brides and the children’s parents. I was so grateful that a church in Brattleboro gave everyone a chance to see what gender equity looks like. As another one of their teachers, I could not imagine a better lesson.

From that experience I went on to become a member of ASC, part of the Board, and the headmistress of Camp Hogwarts. My church family accepts me as I am, eccentricities and all. May you find as warm welcome as I have here.

-Linda Hay