Author: Carvill George

Say no to hate

Say no to hate: faith communities stand together

Rev. Shayna Appel invites you to join with our friends and colleagues from the Interfaith and Brattleboro Area Jewish Communities at the “Acting on the Side of Love Vigil”  this Sunday, November 4th at 1:30 PM in front of the … read more.

40 Days of Fire, Sunday, Oct. 28

Something different is planned this month at the All Souls Church film series — a live event on Sunday, Oct. 28, instead of a film.

The church will host Mark Hughes, leader of “40 Days of Fire,” which he describes as “a statewide … read more.

Spiritual Leadership

This church is our community, our joy, our sanctuary. So many ministries take place in this sacred space and spread beyond these walls, for which I am so very grateful. Gratitude is a great place to be, but sustained community is more than appreciation.

I will … read more.

Get a peek at the new chairs!

So what’s new at All Souls? Chairs. Monday in the rain we got a delivery of eight new comfy chairs. Jamie and Marty snuck in on Monday evening and jump-started the assembly. Then on Tuesday morning, fueled by coffee and bagels and armed with power … read more.

Past Newsletters now available

Ever said that you thought you saw something in the All Souls Church newsletter, but now you can’t find the newsletter to look? Well we have you covered. We are building an archive of old and new newsletters for those that want to see them.

… read more.

Spiritual Leadership Workshop

Hello all, the summer is receding and the fall slips into place. So much work
undertaken during the growing season is coming to fruition. Particularly I have the
Stewardship foremost in mind. I hope that you all have the opportunity to join with
others in … read more.

Honoring the Campbell Legacies 

Rev. Jeffrey W. Campbell was a Black minister who dedicated his many talents first to the Universalist denomination and then to the Unitarian Universalist denomination. Despite years of service, excellent references, and a quick mind, Rev. Campbell never found a full-time ministry. Instead, he had … read more.