Welcome back from Board President Ed Burke

Happy September everyone! I am genuinely thrilled that this update is appearing on our new vital and vigorous webpage. While summer is generally a quiet time in the church year, the All Souls Board and members of the congregation have been very busy on a number of vital matters. Christina Gibbons is leading a team in preparing a Stewardship campaign for this fall. They have shared their work in progress with the Board, and it is truly impressive. We look forward to the culminating campaign. The Board has been developing procedures to improve our building’s security and, at the time of this writing, that process is near completion. Board member Leslie Kinney is leading the effort to straighten out our hodge podge rental and building use policies for clarity as we enter the busy church year. Many thanks Leslie! I’m leading a group of members who have been reviewing All Souls’ building needs and developing a prioritized approach to those needs. Predating the formation of that group was the identification of the need to replace our fire escape, and contractors’ proposals should be in by the time of this post. SEAC has brought us the stunningly powerful message of James Baldwin’s I Am Not Your Negro. The RE Committee is busy developing a vibrant program for our children.

As you can see, there is a lot of the behind the scenes work being done this summer. I also want to express my gratitude for the efforts that we all may be more aware of. The Worship Committee did a very fine job presenting valuable, meaningful services through July and August. Thank you! And the Caring Circle, whose members continuously provide solace, care and comfort for those of us experiencing difficult times; you quietly bless us regardless of the season, thank you.

I look forward to the fall and all that it promises in our shared community. And thank you, thank you, thank you to Linda Hay, Lise LePage and Muse Arts, and Sarah Lott for bringing our website to brilliant life.