Spiritual Leadership Workshop

Hello all, the summer is receding and the fall slips into place. So much work
undertaken during the growing season is coming to fruition. Particularly I have the
Stewardship foremost in mind. I hope that you all have the opportunity to join with
others in conversation at the meals and gatherings hosted by the Stewardship team
to discuss our future and how you can contribute meaningfully to that vision.
Please plan on attending the Stewardship celebration event on Sunday October 14
and be ready to make a joyful noise. So many doing so much, it feels like we have
a gracious plenitude of leaders throughout our congregation. If you feel that you
are a leader (or others tell you what an amazing contributor you are and don’t
realize it), I encourage you to attend the Spiritual Leadership Workshop October
27, sponsored by The UUA New England Regional Office and being held in
Woodstock, VT. If interested contact me, Rev. Shayna, or All Souls office
administrator Beverly Miller for more details. Finally, at this time of year everyone
wants to know, “when is the fall cleanup happening?”! We have a fully engaged
calendar for the weekends this October, between rentals and various large scale
commitments by sizable numbers of the congregation, so the earliest best date for
the cleanup is SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 3, beginning at 8:00 a.m. for the early
birds and early bird wannabes. Bring your good cheer and celebrate our ministry
together through cleaning and groundswork. It’s a beautiful semi-annual event that
you won’t want to miss!
Gratefully, Ed Burke