Our new website is here! Send us your content!

I am pleased to announce that our new website at ascvt.org is now up and running! As many of you know, replacing our old website has been quite a journey, but thanks to Linda Hay, Sarah Lott and Lise LePage – our website host at Muse Arts – we now have a beautiful new website! Linda has been leading our website development for over a year and developed the majority of the content you now see! (Please stop and thank Linda for her amazing work!) Sarah took over website management this summer and is putting together a small team to continue to add content and keep our site up to date on all the happenings at ASC. So far the website team consists of Sarah Lott, George Carvill, Joe Mangum, and Tony Parmenter.

Of course, with websites, the journey never really ends. Even though we have gotten past the first (huge) hurdle of getting the new site live, updates are ongoing and there will always be new content to add! As Sarah has been fond of saying these past couple months, “it’s a work in progress.”

Communications is a team effort! Your help is needed going forward!

Committees: Please review your pages under the “committees” menu item. If there is any content you’d like to edit or add your page, just let us know! Email the communications chair at at this address.

Everyone: News and events can now be submitted via our website! To submit your news for the enews, newsletter, or website, please visit the “Send us your news” page under the “News” menu and fill out the form. News from committees and others will be shared as posts on our new news blog.

We need updated pictures for the website! You can also share pictures via the “Send us your news” page, but please make sure you have the permission of the individuals pictured before sharing.

Are you interested in helping with the website, newsletter, or enews? Join the communications committee! We will be regrouping this Fall to better coordinate our news and outreach, so now is an exciting time to be involved! Email to this address to join!