Sunday evening meeting on proposed rental

Due to the high likelihood of severe winter weather Sunday, the Congregational Meeting scheduled after church Sunday morning, March 10, will instead be a discussion after a simple soup and bread meal and vesper service starting at 5 p.m. If you can’t make it Sunday evening you can mail your questions to Ed Burke at  . If you know of an ASC member who doesn’t receive email, please share this message with him or her.

This Sunday evening discussion is being conducted in lieu of a formal rescheduled meeting because the Board would like to know the sense of the congregation before it makes a final commitment at its meeting on Monday, March 11.The Board must decide whether or not to negotiate a lease with prospective tenant Martha Missale in time for her presentation deadline of Tuesday, March 12. A significant amount of detailed discussions have been taking place with Ms. Missale through to date, addressing the specific needs of her proposed daycare. Please see the fact sheet below. I look forward to hearing from you Sunday evening. Stay warm and safe Sunday afternoon!

— Ed Burke, President, All Souls Church UU



  1. Leased premises

Martha Missale, doing business as Miss Martha’s Creative ELP, is interested in renting the two rooms comprising the lower floor of the West Wing for use as a child care center for 12 – 14 children aged 6 weeks to 5 years old. The total area for the two rooms is approximately 640 square feet. The proposed tenant is interested in the exclusive use of the space with some alterations to meet licensing requirements, together with the closet attached to the far room.

Additionally, the tenant is interested in including the shared use of the enclosed outdoor space directly outside of the classroom, and the larger church grounds. Any use of the grounds outside of the enclosed space shall be upon the condition that the space is left in the same condition as found before each use, with all of the Tenant’s belongings removed from the grounds immediately at the end of each.

The tenant would like to have entry by the separate West Wing door. The second floor hall way would be common area not under their exclusive control. An area for hanging coats at the current coat hook location would be shared space. The tenant has asked if they could hang children’s artwork in the hall way.

They would like to have non-exclusive use of the two bathrooms located on the West Wing’s lower level. Because of licensing requirements, they will be responsible for cleaning the bathrooms.

The Tenant would like to have non-exclusive use of the chapel space on specific times when the weather is not suitable for the children to play outside, subject to use by All Souls Church, its congregants, groups or committees, or others under prior arrangements. The Tenant will confirm with the church’s administrative assistant, or other authorized church representative that the chapel space is available for the specified time. The use shall be upon the condition that the space is left in the same condition as found before each use, with all of the Tenant’s belongings removed from the space immediately at the end of each use.

Any and all areas not expressly identified as part of the leased premises shall not be used by the Tenant, its employees, guests or invitees except as specifically provided.

Any events or use of space beyond what is specified in the agreement will be treated as separate rentals and charged consistent with then current rental policy and procedures of ASC.

  1. Alterations to the premises

The child care is subject to state regulations, and will likely require the following alterations to the premises:

  • the door to the classrooms needs to be lockable; Proposed Tenant responsibility
  • the windows need to have shades; Proposed ASC responsibility
  • one of the bathrooms needs to have screens on its windows; Proposed ASC responsibility
  • a gate is required at the bottom of the stairs; Proposed Tenant responsibility
  • heating pipes need to be covered; Proposed ASC responsibility
  • some missing ceiling tiles need to be replaced. Proposed ASC responsibility

There may be other requirements identified when the licensing inspection occurs, which is proposed to be the responsibility of the Tenant. The Tenant may seek a contribution from ASC to help cover the cost, which will be made at ASC’s discretion. If the Tenant cannot meet the licensing requirements and ASC cannot agree on the amount of ASC’s contribution necessary to meet the requirement, either party may terminate the lease.

In addition, the tenant would like to install carpeting in the room designated for the younger children, and install additional electrical outlet(s) in the far room, which only has one outlet. Proposed Tenant responsibility with the Tenant and ASC sharing the cost equally.

The cost of these alterations and improvements will be allocated between All Souls and the tenant upon a negotiated agreement based on the cost and nature of the alteration.

  1. Rental period

The tenant has asked for the lease to begin September 1, 2019, with the space available June 1, so they can move in, set up, and be ready for children on the leasehold’s start date.

The lease period will be two years, ending July 31, 2021, with a renewal provision. Rent will be paid monthly, even for those months when the daycare may be closed.

  1. Use

The daycare will be open 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday through Friday. The daycare will be closed on WSESU snow and inclement weather days.

  1. Rent

Rent roughly based on the West Brattleboro commercial rate of $12.00/ square foot will be $675.00/ month, $8,100.00/ year.

  1. Utilities

Utilities are included. State regulations require that the heat be 65 degrees when the children are on the premises.

  1. Services

Garbage removal, plowing and sanding services are included in the rent. The daycare will be closed when WSESU school is cancelled for snow or inclement weather. If the daycare is open on days when WSESU schools are closed, e.g. vacation, or in-service days, the tenant will pay ASC’s contracted service provider for plowing and sanding as necessary.

Shoveling the walk to the West Wing is the Tenant’s responsibility.

  1. Current Usage

The Board has discussed the congregation’s current uses of the proposed leasehold space and notes alternative space available for those uses. The Board welcomes input from the congregation on this matter.

  1. Governance/ Decision Process

The congregation will be called to allow the opportunity to question or comment on a lease arrangement. The Board will then meet and decide whether to authorize the lease based on the congregational input.

If authorized, Ed will arrange for a lease agreement to be prepared in accordance with what has been discussed and decided.

Ed Burke, President, All Souls Church UU        February 28, 2019