Month of March Potluck Circle Dinners and Lunch

Circle Dinners and Lunch March 15 and 16.
Come join other All Souls souls for a potluck meal, with dinners in host’s homes and the Saturday noon meal at the church. It’s another wonderful time to be together, break bread (or lasagna) and just plain visit (well maybe the dishes have to be done too), a bit more time to talk than our typical Coffee Hour. Heidrun and Sarah Lott will be hosting in Brattleboro on Friday March 15, 5:30 at Heidrun Mayer’s Vermont Ave. and 6:30 PM at Sarah Lott’s on Western Ave.  There will be a luncheon on Saturday March 16, at noon at the church, hosted by Linda Hay especially for those who do not drive at night and need better accessibility. There will be sign-up sheets in the foyer; your host will call you to arrange what food to bring. Come! It’s always a good time. Any ???? connect with Kathy Squires.