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“The Empathy Effect”

Drawing on “The Empathy Effect” by Dr. Helen Riess, All Souls member Diana Martha Clark, DMC, MSW, MA will  introduce us to the 7 neuroscience-based keys to understanding and increasing empathy. The latest research on how empathy works from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General … read more.

“Don’t You Want To Be Saved?”

Here’s how Howard Burrows, longtime friend at All Souls, describes his topic for Sunday’s lay-led service:

Don’t You Want to be Saved? An evangelical Presbyterian scientist responds to an earlier sermon from this pulpit entitled, Why I am not a Buddhist.  I’ll talk about the Trinity … read more.

It’s All About the Music!

“If you can talk, you can sing.” (Ghanaian proverb) Do you remember your first favorite song?  Is there a song, or work of music, that meant a lot to you? Why? Come join us as we listen and share the music that matters to us. It will … read more.

Care Giving and Caretaking

It’s all about balance, isn’t it? Of course, we want to be an active, engaged church, reaching out beyond our walls to help those in need – community wide, statewide, nationwide, even worldwide. And, of course we know that in order to be of service … read more.

The Sound of Spirit

What does “spirituality” mean in a denomination that does not have a prescriptive theology or liturgy? UU’s can sometimes be rather cerebral about what we believe, but many of us long for a direct experience of transcendence, whether or not we have a name for … read more.

Summer Solstice and Flower Communion

The Wheel continues to turn, and the seasons pass. Now is the time to welcome the Summer Solstice. We come together this morning as celebrants, as seekers and companions. We enter into this, the longest day, joyfully, allowing ourselves the beauty of this time together … read more.

Why I Am Not Yet a Buddhist

 Charles Butterfield: Why I Am Not Yet a Buddhist  

Unitarian Universalism is hard to define.  This is because it is composed of many quite distinct faiths.  While all UUs are freely seeking truth and meaning, they choose different ways.  There is strength in diversity, … read more.

“More Welcoming”

We are proud of our designation as a “Welcoming Congregation.” Join us as we take a closer look at what that really means, and explore how we might move forward to become more welcoming and inclusive. We will be dedicating both our new Rainbow Flag … read more.