“Poetic Justice”

Here is an opportunity to reinforce our allegiance to the moral conviction of possibility. Our inspirational resources will include both published and in-house poetry and the words of Martin Luther King Jr. We have all been touched by the vivid commitment to a vision of … read more.

“It’s Not The Way I Imagined It”

Following the monthly theme of “Possibility,” this service will use imagery and story to demonstrate ways in which we are led to believe what we see, and ways in which we can imagine a future we would like to see. Steve Squires will sing “Imagine” … read more.

Bending Toward Justice

This service, coordinated by SEAC, will consider the ongoing struggle for racial justice in America. We will be sharing our Sunday offerings for January with the Windham County NAACP, whose founder and president, Steffen Gillom, will be our guest speaker.

Midwinter Stories: A Congregation’s Tales For All Ages

A joint service featuring Charles Butterfield’s continuing saga’s next episode: “Petula and the Squeaky Snow”. A picture storybook “The Christmas Cat”, set in Marlboro with illustrations by Tasha Tudor will delight the heart and eyes.  A multifaceted exploration of the Three Kings Day celebration  held … read more.

Our Favorite Things

Through an intergenerational Sunday Service rich with moving and jubilant special music, old and new hymns, and stimulating readings, Rev. Shayna Appel, the “Charioteers,” and many others dish up an especially delicious Sunday before Christmas Service.

Readings From the Sunday Service, December 23, 2018-“Our Favorite Things”

Opening Words  What … read more.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Ancient people saw the flow of time as circular, not linear, and the Changing Seasons were understood as a great Wheel, the Wheel of the Year.  This Sunday, Dec. 16, we gather to observe the turning of the Wheel as we celebrate the Winter Solstice … read more.

Seasons of Love

Christmas Eve service – ​Rev.  Shayna Appel will explore the relevancy of the Christmas Story for our time, leading us in a non-traditional Christmas Eve Service, filled with elements old and new: readings, Christmas carols, candle lighting and a message which will touch one’s spirit. And, once … read more.


Our theme for December is “Mystery” which, by definition, is something difficult or impossible to explain.  How comfortable are we with the “mysterium” in general, and more particularly, how does that comfort, or lack thereof, impact our ability to experience “Mysterium Tremendum” (Latin used here … read more.