Worship led by Rev. Shayna Appel

This Sunday’s service will be presented by Rev. Shayna Appel. 

“Memory & Resiliency; Traumatized or Trauma Grown?”

“Most trauma survivors…will suffer, sometimes for years.  But, over the last few decades, psychologists have discovered that suffering is not the end of the story: with the right circumstances and … read more.

We Are All Just Walking One Another Home

This month’s Social and Environmental Action Committee service features Brattleboro Area Hospice as the local organization with which we are sharing our November collection.  At our Sunday Service on November 4, Patty Dunn, Hospice Program Coordinator, whose presentation at ASC last year met with great … read more.

Living Fully Within Limits

The service this Sunday is entitled “Living fully within Limits” and is about the challenge and rewards of embracing life even when it is difficult or disappointing.  If we lean into changes as we age or as we say goodbye to places and people who … read more.

A Living Sanctuary

We seem to be living in times that feel anything but safe.  From the political realm to the natural, our physical safety is at risk.  Over time, this “feeling at risk” can have some extremely detrimental outcomes on the quality of our lives and the … read more.

Water, Water

“Water, Water:”  This service, presented by the Social and Environmental Action Committee (SEAC), will focus on awareness of clean water as the foundation of life, and the need to ensure its availability to all people everywhere. We will highlight the recipient of our shared offerings for … read more.