Speaker: Marty Shaw


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In all likelihood, you are more resilient than you realize. Since you are reading this, you are a monument to the human ability to cope with change, tragedy, crisis, growth, happiness, … read more.

“Kindness Changes Everything”

“Kindness Changes Everything”: a lay-led service about being kind.

First, let’s be clear, we are not talking about being nice. Nice is sweet, gentle, comfortable.  Nice rolls over. Nice doesn’t want to offend. Nice doesn’t make waves.

But kindness is so much more. Kindness doesn’t sit still.  … read more.

Ring Out the Old, Ring in the New

Please join us as we gather to Ring Out the Old and Ring in the New! We will employ poetry, music, and conversation to reflect and prepare as we welcome 2020. We’ll even take inspiration from the pages of Beowulf and raise our cup in a Viking … read more.


Join us in this lay-lead service as we consider some of the different facets of Wholeness. We will explore the essential needs of being one with Nature, being one with ourselves, being one after being broken, being one in community.

“Poetic Justice”

Here is an opportunity to reinforce our allegiance to the moral conviction of possibility. Our inspirational resources will include both published and in-house poetry and the words of Martin Luther King Jr. We have all been touched by the vivid commitment to a vision of … read more.

Celebrating the Winter Solstice

Ancient people saw the flow of time as circular, not linear, and the Changing Seasons were understood as a great Wheel, the Wheel of the Year.  This Sunday, Dec. 16, we gather to observe the turning of the Wheel as we celebrate the Winter Solstice … read more.