Speaker: Rev. Shayna Appel

Rev. Shayna Appel began serving ASC as its contract minister in September 2016. Ordained in the United Church of Christ in 2006, Shayna’s ordination was recognized by the Unitarian Universalist Association in 2014. She is currently serving at First Church in Jaffrey (NH) as well as here at ASC. Shayna generally preaches at ASC on the second and forth Sunday’s of each month, as well as Christmas and Easter.

“Build a Bridge…or Two, or Ten”

Some days it seems that the world is conspiring to drive us deeper and deeper into our own, individual silos. Looking around us, we see others who are hunkering down in like manner.  In times such as these, intentionally ‘up-rising’ and reaching out might seem … read more.


“It wasn’t curiosity itself that killed the proverbial cat,” writes Kate Berardo. “What really got him in trouble was his inability to deal with the new situation he was in.”  Berardo opines that when it comes to learning about new environments, curiosity is essential.  Join … read more.

“Doing What We Can”

The Soul Matters theme for the month of April is “Wholeness; the practice of repairing what is broken and knowing we are enough.”  But what happens when we can’t or we’re not?  Join us for an exploration into the rich realm of “Doing What We … read more.


UU Rev. Scott Alexander preaches that, “Easter is a decision, a decision of the human heart, a brave and beautiful decision to live – fully, recklessly, courageously – even in the face of death and despair itself.”  This Sunday we’ll explore Easter not just as a … read more.

Between Rocking the Boat and Sitting Down

Between Rocking the Boat and Sitting Down”

A Sermon Offered to All Souls Church, March 10, 2019, by Rev. Shayna Appel

 River Callby Manish K. Mishra-Marzetti

Between rocking the boat

… read more.

“A Claim, An Aim, And A Task”

What is the nature of trust today?  What do we aspire to regarding trust?  And finally, what might we do regarding trust, in our homes, communities, and our nation?  Come worship with us this weekend as we explore “A Claim, An Aim and A Task” … read more.

“Poetic Justice”

Here is an opportunity to reinforce our allegiance to the moral conviction of possibility. Our inspirational resources will include both published and in-house poetry and the words of Martin Luther King Jr. We have all been touched by the vivid commitment to a vision of … read more.

Our Favorite Things

Through an intergenerational Sunday Service rich with moving and jubilant special music, old and new hymns, and stimulating readings, Rev. Shayna Appel, the “Charioteers,” and many others dish up an especially delicious Sunday before Christmas Service.

Readings From the Sunday Service, December 23, 2018-“Our Favorite Things”

Opening Words  What … read more.

Seasons of Love

Christmas Eve service – ​Rev.  Shayna Appel will explore the relevancy of the Christmas Story for our time, leading us in a non-traditional Christmas Eve Service, filled with elements old and new: readings, Christmas carols, candle lighting and a message which will touch one’s spirit. And, once … read more.


Our theme for December is “Mystery” which, by definition, is something difficult or impossible to explain.  How comfortable are we with the “mysterium” in general, and more particularly, how does that comfort, or lack thereof, impact our ability to experience “Mysterium Tremendum” (Latin used here … read more.