Speaker: Rev. Shayna Appel

Rev. Shayna Appel began serving ASC as its contract minister in September 2016. Ordained in the United Church of Christ in 2006, Shayna’s ordination was recognized by the Unitarian Universalist Association in 2014. She is currently serving at First Church in Jaffrey (NH) as well as here at ASC. Shayna generally preaches at ASC on the second and forth Sunday’s of each month, as well as Christmas and Easter.

In Awe of Awe

Throughout the month of December we are exploring what it means to be a people of awe and wonder. Join us this Sunday as we explore how a change in perspective changes awe and wonder from an experience that makes us feel small to one that might invite … read more.

“The Eyes Have It!”

(The driveway has been sanded and the service will happen as planned.)

Continuing with this month’s theme of “Attention” and “Prayer,” we will look at both the inadvertent foci we are unconsciously drawn back to over and over again and the hope beyond this tired old … read more.


 This month we find ourselves at the intersection of “Attention” and “Prayer.”  This Sunday we will look at how each influences the other!


A Sermon Offered to All Souls Church; UU

 November 10, 2019

Rev. Shayna Appel


Welcome & Announcements

Chalice Lighting by Rev. Harold Babcock [adapted]

As we light our … read more.

Belonging Here

“Belonging Here” follows up on a sermon offered two weeks ago in which we took a look at the internal (soul) and external (spirit) dimensions of belonging.  Building on that foundation, this Sunday we will explore what it means to belong here, at All Souls … read more.

Belonging in Spirit and Soul

In liberal religious traditions two kinds of spiritual integrity are practiced; one looking inward and  the other outward.  Each practice comes with its own demands and challenges, but they come together in places as well.  One of these intersections occurs in the space of belonging.  … read more.

“Build a Bridge…or Two, or Ten”

Some days it seems that the world is conspiring to drive us deeper and deeper into our own, individual silos. Looking around us, we see others who are hunkering down in like manner.  In times such as these, intentionally ‘up-rising’ and reaching out might seem … read more.


“It wasn’t curiosity itself that killed the proverbial cat,” writes Kate Berardo. “What really got him in trouble was his inability to deal with the new situation he was in.”  Berardo opines that when it comes to learning about new environments, curiosity is essential.  Join … read more.